Neptune Weighted Blanket – a review

Hey guys!

I’m so excited to be posting this review you have no idea! I got a Neptune Blanket!

If you’ve never heard of them before, they are a company that has created a blanket designed to relieve stress and anxiety at night time. I love idea of this because I love blankets (of course).

When you first pull it out the box it feels really heavy but once you lay it out in the mattress it isn’t so heavy. In saying that, once you get under it and lie down, you can definitely tell that this isn’t a normal blanket.

Just quickly I’d like to say that it is the softest blanket I’ve ever felt – like you have no idea I love it so much.

So for some background/scientific information: I heard about weighted blankets on YouTube so I decided to research what they actually do. Weighted blankets are heavier than normal blankets – ideally 10% of your body weight. The weight of the blanket applies gentle pressure on your muscles to help you relax. It can help people with anxiety, ADHD and sleep disorders. It can also help reduce stress, relieve restlessness at night, enhance mood and memory.

Anyway, this type of blanket sounded like exactly what I needed, and it was. I tried using it and I can’t rave about it enough. It’s so comforting and nice – kind of like getting a big hug. It spent over two hours just lying in it yesterday afternoon because I couldn’t get enough.

PS: this is my real testimony – I’m not being paid for this 😄

It also got the stamp of approval of my dog Ziggy:

These blankets are quite an investment for a blanket but I honestly would pay double that amount if I knew they were this good.

Huge shoutout to my Granny for the early birthday present 🎁

Chelsea xxx

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